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Bamboo Rod Taper Design with RodDNA Designe Version 2.0!

Book and Designer Program!

Authored by Larry D. Tusoni

Foreword by Tom Morgan

Available Now!

This latest program, RodDNA Designer, takes that first step made by RodDNA and runs with it to provide the first full fledge bamboo rod taper development and analysis environment. It puts together a comprehensive suite of tools that delivers to the bamboo rod maker the power to design and analyze new tapers quickly and easily. The tool suite includes both traditional bamboo design tools and introduces the rod designer with new and innovative design tools that makes RodDNA Designer the most complete and powerful bamboo fly rod taper design suite ever.

Chris Bogart




List price $99.99, 273 pages, over 270 illustrations and tables

ISBN 978-0-615-45941-7

Complete with the new RodDNA Designer Version 2.0 program

Includes one year of updates and support

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Who Should Use This Book

Designing your own taper signature is a logical step for makers who want to differentiate their work from others, and for makers tired of building the same tapers everyone else builds. 

Seasoned makers may also find this book and Designer software to be an indispensable tool to aid in taper design, modification and analysis.

Some highlights of the new RodDNA Designer program


Here are some sample screen captures from the new RodDNA Designer:

Here, a new semi-parabolic taper was designed and compared to the existing models,
with the top 12 results selected.

Eleven different taper creation methods are available


Example of an E. C. Powell "A" taper creation dialog indicating the slope of the taper

Other versions of RodDNA...

Note: Like all purchased software, once the program is opened it cannot be returned. However we will provide reasonable technical support when needed.

Specifications subject to change without notice.
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