Bamboo Rod Design and Analysis (RodDNA) Software

Welcome to RodDNA - The Bamboo Rod Design and Analysis Software. If you are a bamboo rod maker and would like to obtain a licensed copy of RodDNA free of charge please click the Download menu selection and select the appropriate download link for you operating system.

For those makers who want to design and modify their own tapers, the new RodDNA Designer release and book "Bamboo Rod Taper Design with RodDNA Designer" is now available via this link:

RodDNA Designer


If you would like to find out how to become a Sponsor, select the Sponsors/Vendors menu selection. If you are a Vendor or supplier of rodmakers supplies or components and want to be added to the master Vendors list, please select the Sponsors/Vendors menu selection. You can also view the current list of sponsors via this selection.

The latest released free version of RodDNA is Version 2.0. This release supports all operating systems including all versions of Windows, Macintosh OS X, Linux and Unix.

For those makers who want to design and modify their own tapers, please visit the RodDNA Designer page.


RodDNA provides many tools for the Rodmaker. Here are some examples:

  • Stress Curve and taper dimension charts for one or many Models (tapers)
  • An implementation of John Bokstrom's Controlled Modification strategy
  • A Rod database with configurable pull-down lists and serial # generation
  • Vendor and Customer databases with hot links to their URLs
  • Program options can be configured to your liking
  • Charts can be zoomed, saved and printed
  • Models and Vendors can be shared with other Rodmakers or not
  • Rodmakers can be queried and chatted with
  • Over 800 Models are provided with a growing master list
  • Rod geometry can be changed with the associated dimension adjusted
  • The # of Rod sections/pieces can be changes with the dimension adjusted
  • Rod length, action and line weight can be modified for any given Model
  • Rod tapers can be imported from other programs
  • All data is maintained in XML files for portability
  • The ability to open multiple instances of program dialogs
  • Automatic calculations of ferrules, ferrule locations, tip tops, guides, etc.
  • Can run on any computer that runs the latest Java run-time environment
  • Tapers can be compared on charts or in tables
  • Data can be saved locally and to the network
  • Planing reports including Morgan Hand-Mill Setting report
  • Models (tapers) can be annotated and submitted to the master database, etc.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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