Rodmaking Items

We offer a free license for our standard version of our Rod Design and Analysis bamboo rod software (RodDNA) free to any bamboo rod maker. RodDNA is the most advanced tool for bamboo rodmakers and comes with a database of over 500 classic and contemporary rod models.

We now offer our new, RodDNA Designer Program and Hardcover book for those bamboo rod makers who would like to design their own, unique tapers.

SOLD OUT! - We now offer bamboo rod blanks ready for finishing. You can choose from hundreds of rod model/tapers.
SOLD OUT! - We also offer quality silk winding thread manufactured by Persall's and YLI.
New! We are now offering bamboo rod making classes. There is nothing like catching your first trout on your handcrafted bamboo fly rod. Our classes are significantly less expensive than most others available and cover the same or more aspects of the bamboo rod making process.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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